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December 19, 2014
by Elena

Happiness is an Ultraviolet Wallet

I really like when I love all the contents of my bag – phone, wallet, card case, etc. I want to happily pull things out of my bag (you know, rather than being embarrassed that something is covered in markers, or just isn’t attractive). And I love bright, pretty colors. This wallet would make me happy ALL.THE.TIME.

Rebecca Minkoff Womens Mason Wallet Size One Size - Ultraviolet

I think we could all use a little happiness like this!

December 17, 2014
by Elena

Floral Flats with Bling! yes!

A stressful week? It has been for me. So I need something pretty, for myself. Check out these adorable flats I found:

BC Footwear Womens On A Roll Size 7 Medium - Floral

Floral! Pointy toe! Bling! All good things. A great way to glam up an outfit of basics – my favorite kind of accessory.

December 14, 2014
by Elena

Elevate your look with a pencil skirt and cape

I’ve been looking for cute looks that can be work-ready and easily transition to holiday parties (lots of those these days, right?) Plus, I’m not a fan of one-trick ponies in my closet. I like things that can be dressed up or down so that I can get alot of wear out of it.

Looking for a flattering pencil skirt that is different? I am loving this skirt from Ann Taylor:

Ann Taylor Curvy Zip Pencil Skirt, Black - Size 8

With code MERRY get 50% off online.

In my dream life, I wear the white version and never get playdoh or chocolate milk on it:

Ann Taylor Zip Pencil Skirt, Snowy White - Size 6

It is just so sharp looking.

With heels and this gorgeous cape you will look like a million bucks, for less than $200.

Ann Taylor Faux Leather Trim Belted Cape, Black - One Size

And that cape can be thrown on over jeans (skinny or boot cut) or even leggings to elevate your look. That is a really great purchase.

May 5, 2014
by Elena

My Apologies to the Jumpsuit

I admit when I’m wrong, and I think I was wrong about the jumpsuit. Or perhaps I was just worn down, either way, I have revised my opinion and I think I’m into it. I went out this weekend (I know, crazy, right?) and a woman wearing one changed my mind. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not an everyday kind of outfit, or one for a wallflower. These are outfits that get noticed, so as long as you are ok with that, go forth and conquer the jumpsuit! Just be sure to choose one that is flattering, as with every trend, be careful and make sure it works for you. In my search for flattering ones I found many that were just plain baaaaaaad….

I like the neckline and high defined waist on this Catherine Malandrino version:

Catherine Malandrino Marion Favorites Jumpsuit in Green


It’s a tasteful and polished version, and I love that.


I LOVE this halter version:

It’s by Hale Bob, available on Yoox (where there are many many jumpsuits, click on the photo above and search “pant overalls”) with the neckline, high defined waist and wide legs this is ultra flattering.


I think the trick to finding a good look is sticking to a defined waist and a flattering neckline. Too many look like flight suits or have elastic drop waists – not a good look for most of us. And have fun with it – heels and jewelry!

March 26, 2014
by Elena

25% off of Sale? Yes, please!

I love a good sale. Even better is a sale on sale, yup, you read that correctly. That means 25% more off of already reduced items. Now you like that too, right?

does that kind of sale very well. Included is free shipping AND free return shipping, so you don’t have to be afraid of trying something new. That is important to me because most of the time I just can’t make into real stores so everything has to come from online shopping, and I hate paying for shipping, I just do.  So this sale-on-sale applies to all sale items in their under $50 and under $100 categories for women, and on everything for men. Yup, they have men’s clothes too! Use code SWEET for women’s sale on sale, and SPRING for men’s clothes.


How about a cute new skirt for Spring? (Someday we’ll get nice weather again, and let’s be ready!)
Pim + Larkin Eyelet Circle Skirt - Mykonos blue

Or a sweet maxi dress:
LA Made Cami Maxi Dress - Midnight glow

Or how about an awesome belt to go over a cute dress you already have:
Kate Spade New York Giant Bow Trouser Belt - Black/GoldI love the gold bow and textured leather, a great way to add interest to any outfit!

And while you’re there, pick up something for a guy in your life!

March 25, 2014
by Elena

A Little Lace

Lace is big now. Lace detailed dresses, even lace front sweatshirts, but how does one wear lace without looking like a throwback to “Desperately Seeking Susan”? If you have to ask what that is, don’t tell me. It will just make me feel very very old – google it and watch it, you will not be sorry.

Anyway…I was trolling Yoox as I do, and in a sea (it’s a HUGE site) of stuff I found this lovely Alessandro Dell’Acqua pencil skirt with lace detail:


It’s perfect – easy to wear, and while totally on trend, when the lace craze passes you can still wear this skirt. Plus, how else could you wear lace to work? This is the way my friends! Because of the seaming it should be incredibly flattering. And, it’s a $500 skirt marked down to $89. PLUS, get another 10% off with code WINTERSPRING10



And wait, there is a sheath dress with this lace seaming as well, it’s so lovely:

You’re welcome :)

March 21, 2014
by Elena

My Favorite Sale of the Year!

T minus 6 days until my FAVORITE sale of the year. What, you may ask? The Gemma Redux sample sale. I CANNOT.GET.ENOUGH of that jewelry line! For the past 2 years I’ve marked my calendar and snapped up my favorite necklaces in my collection (outside of the special gold name necklace the husband gave me for my first Mother’s Day). I wear them so much that a friend says she knows its a party when Elena wears her GR necklace. This is the one -

Elena's favorite Gemma Redux necklace

Elena’s favorite Gemma Redux necklace


Gemma Redux jewelry is definitely all statement pieces, I love them for dressing up a basic dress or even a tank and jeans. My wardrobe leans towards solid basics that I can wear alot and I depend on my accessories to make the difference. So far I’ve focused on necklaces but I think this year I’m going to also go for earrings. I can’t wait until the baby is old enough that she won’t be tugging on everything and I can wear it all again!

Last year we were driving to Cleveland, the kids were sleeping in the back and Greg had a conference call so we sat at a rest stop while he talked on the phone and I snapped up another GR special. Mama has her priorities! Follow Gemma Redux on Facebook to be in the know (and please leave something for me during the sale!)

March 20, 2014
by Elena

Spring, I’m ready for you!

Spring, I’m ready when you are!


Hunter High Gloss Tall rain boots in Jade

Hunter High Gloss Tall rain boots in Jade


My latest purchase, with the hope that soon I can put away the snow boots and down parka! I love color and every year around this time I’m really into shades of green, I suppose it’s the anticipation of finally seeing green grass and leaves again. These boots have already gotten some wear, the color is surprisingly versatile and they are very easy to walk in.

Most people don’t have room in the closet for more than one pair of rain boots – definitely those of us in urban condos, so I went back and forth about choosing a bright color or basic black. I’m really glad I went with the color – I highly recommend it to add a little “spring” in your step (ha ha!). I got mine at Bloomingdales. Free shipping if you have a card.

August 22, 2013
by Elena

A New Flat

It looks like we are moving. Just a few blocks away, but it’s still a good time to take stock my wardrobe and clear out anything I can. The thing is, as I was looking through my shoes I realized I have not bought a single pair (other than my winter boots and every day Puma’s) since we moved here 2 years ago. My go-to ballet flats are so well loved and worn, I’ve had them resoled and repaired but after all these years I think it may be time to replace them. I just scoped out an Italian brand of shoes, Anniel and I think they are winners. And even better, there are many colors and sizes available on Yoox, a great source for European clothes and accessories (at a discount!). A few of my favorites -

And there are more colors and patterns. These are normally around $200, but at Yoox you can find them for under $90, some of them as low as $54. If you are looking for a new pair of everyday flats for Fall these are perfect!



* edited to add – for some reason links head to kids shoes, just click on the brand name when you get there and you’ll see all the women’s shoes.