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A Little Lace


Lace is big now. Lace detailed dresses, even lace front sweatshirts, but how does one wear lace without looking like a throwback to “Desperately Seeking Susan”? If you have to ask what that is, don’t tell me. It will just make me feel very very old – google it and watch it, you will not be sorry.

Anyway…I was trolling Yoox as I do, and in a sea (it’s a HUGE site) of stuff I found this lovely Alessandro Dell’Acqua pencil skirt with lace detail:


It’s perfect – easy to wear, and while totally on trend, when the lace craze passes you can still wear this skirt. Plus, how else could you wear lace to work? This is the way my friends! Because of the seaming it should be incredibly flattering. And, it’s a $500 skirt marked down to $89. PLUS, get another 10% off with code WINTERSPRING10



And wait, there is a sheath dress with this lace seaming as well, it’s so lovely:

You’re welcome :)

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