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My Favorite Sale of the Year!


T minus 6 days until my FAVORITE sale of the year. What, you may ask? The Gemma Redux sample sale. I CANNOT.GET.ENOUGH of that jewelry line! For the past 2 years I’ve marked my calendar and snapped up my favorite necklaces in my collection (outside of the special gold name necklace the husband gave me for my first Mother’s Day). I wear them so much that a friend says she knows its a party when Elena wears her GR necklace. This is the one -

Elena's favorite Gemma Redux necklace

Elena’s favorite Gemma Redux necklace


Gemma Redux jewelry is definitely all statement pieces, I love them for dressing up a basic dress or even a tank and jeans. My wardrobe leans towards solid basics that I can wear alot and I depend on my accessories to make the difference. So far I’ve focused on necklaces but I think this year I’m going to also go for earrings. I can’t wait until the baby is old enough that she won’t be tugging on everything and I can wear it all again!

Last year we were driving to Cleveland, the kids were sleeping in the back and Greg had a conference call so we sat at a rest stop while he talked on the phone and I snapped up another GR special. Mama has her priorities! Follow Gemma Redux on Facebook to be in the know (and please leave something for me during the sale!)

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